Personal Endorsements from People I’ve worked with

I’ve worked with various companies and individuals over the years consulting on their SEO needs and have helped deliver great results across all manner of verticals.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a few endorsements from people I’ve worked with.

“Rob is an expert in his field, with a deep understanding of how SEO links into other areas of digital marketing. He understands the needs of clients and delivers results. He is a pleasure to work with and has a very likable manner.”

Kinloch Magowan Senior Account Manager, Latitude

“Rob is one of the most creative and intelligent people I have worked with, and he has my respect as one of the leading thinkers and do-ers in the SEO Community.
He takes a goal centric approach to his work, but is also able to keep a focus on understanding the specific needs his clients in order to deliver the desired results without compromise.
All in all, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to anyone.”

James Lowery Head of SEO, BBI

“I started working with Rob in 2008, providing Latitude with regular articles for their clients; something which Rob organised and then later oversaw.

It wasn’t until I stopped working with Rob, however, that I realised just how knowledgeable he is of SEO and social media.

Speaking to him regularly outside of the customer-client environment – and seeing his conversations with others – it’s clear that he not only has a fantastically in-depth knowledges of Search Engine Optimisation, but that he’s well very respected in the SEO community.

Rob’s also got a fantastic sense of humour, a kind nature and is extremely sociable and should I get the opportunity in the future, I’ll jump at the chance to work alongside him once again.”

Dan Smith SEO Consultant

“Rob has a depth of SEO knowledge that can only be acquired through thousands of hours of analysis and testing. I learnt a great deal working alongside him.

He’s also passionate about Social Media and SEO working together, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from a human and technological perspective.”

Luke Regan Head of SEO Make it Rain

“As one of the best brains in search and social marketing that I know, Rob quite simply ‘gets’ the power of the web and how to use it. He has an abundance of innovative and creative ideas for marketing and targeted traffic-driving, many of which he puts into action; even if it involves hand coding a new tool himself. Rob is always ahead of the game and onto new strategies, experimenting and feeding back key learnings to boost clients’ campaign performance.”

Joanna Butler Social Entrepreneur

“I am lucky enough to have connected with Rob via Twitter and have since sought his advice and expertise on SEO matters numerous times. He is a rare combination of techy pro, social/marcomms aware, commercially astute and a smashing chap on top. If I ever start-up, Rob’s definitely on the team, for sure!”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Al Tepper Head of Online EMP Publishing

“Rob is a knowledgeable guy in both SEO and social media, had the pleasure working with Rob for the past 2 years. I recommend his work highly.”

Paul Delaney Senior SEO Strategist

“I enjoy working with Rob! He lives and breaths SEO and search and therefore is my first port of call when I need any SEO help or advice.”

Michael Maslona, ephinany