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Hello – I’m Rob, an SEO Consultant based in Kent, England.

So you need help with your site’s SEO? Great!

Perhaps you need an SEO Audit of work, or activity that’s been done for you by a supplier, or maybe you need to talk about your website or strategy, and need to sense check your seo efforts.

Perhaps you need to have fast access to an experienced SEO, but don’t really need to employ someone full time. An SEO retention service is perfect for such situations.

I’ve been in the business of SEO for over 25 years helping businesses succeed online.

I’m well versed in server and client side scripting and know my way around a Linux box. I have worked with many different e-commerce platforms and CMS’s and can talk to both developers and business owners in a language that they’ll understand to get the job done.

I’ve built all manner of websites in a variety of spaces and have enjoyed success (and failures) across a wide range of verticals, and understand the complex relationships between off-site, on-site and technical SEO disciplines.

I’ve worked in-house in competitive spaces, and with large agencies and brands, so have had lots of exposure to different environments, people and niches.

I’ll be honest with you and tell you which aspects of your content are up to the task, and offer you solutions where it’s failing or missing opportunities.

Local SEO Services

If you’re a small business in Kent or elsewhere, then perhaps a Localised SEO service is what you need.

I’ve worked with all manner of niche business types including dog trainers, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, fitness trainers and rope suppliers to name but a few.

There are two Local SEO products that will work for you. Local SEO Start and Local SEO Optimise designed specifically for the small business owner seeking to grow their business within their local area.

International SEO

If your business has a more national, or international reach then I can talk about your global seo aspirations too.

If you are looking for someone who’s no nonsense, tells it like it is, has the experience and expertise to back it all up, then I look forward to working with you.

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