Review Your SEO Campaign

There are a lot of companies on the web who offer SEO services. For the uninformed, it’s often difficult to know the effectiveness of what it is that some suppliers are providing.

Demystifing SEO

SEO is often seen as this black box, where ‘magic’ happens in the backroom and only a select few really know what’s going on, this mythos can be used to confuse and complexify that which is in many ways fairly straightforward; produce great content, ensure it’s visible, and that it meets the needs of its users (search engines and people).

Achieve these requirements by ensuring that the site’s meeting all the commonally understood components that influence its ability to rank and service the queries of search engine users.

Simple stuff right?

The reality is that SEO Campaigns are often sold to people as a relatively easy win; as a viable investment strategy to longer term growth, a solution or accompanient to the spiralling costs of paid media and traffic.

The truth is that, SEO as a marketing investment proposition, can be all of the above; SEO in the hands of a reputable professional provider can deliver big returns on your marketing investment, that delivers again and again.

Effective SEO campaigns

Of course, in order to do so, it’s important that a practitioner keeps up with the ever changing face of what works and what doesn’t and knows the history and game. The model doesn’t sit still, it moves with the times, and innovations of the web and the platforms that deliver traffic.

Search engines walk a delicate line between, wanting their users to click on ads, and showing people non paid results from organic algorithmically generated Search engine results pages (SERPS).

It’s important to recognise too, that they aren’t some kind of benevolent entity that exists for the purposes of you and your business. They have a deeply symbiotic relationship with web content providers, who in turn rely upon or hope to gain visitors interested in their message, but primarily exist to return profit to the benefits of their shareholders.

The SERPS do not sit still, they are often in a constant state of flux, subject to the external efforts of companies and algo changes and whims of the search engines.

Companies like Google and Bing are increasingly shifting towards an answer engine model, that seeks to retain visitors on their platforms, rather than send them elsewhere and have been doing so for some time, and whilst the opportunities to appear in their results organically are diminishing in some verticals, the potentials are still substantial nonetheless, so it’s important that your site code and structure seeks to make the most of these opportunites.

A good SEO campaign should deliver on your objectives. Those objectives should be SMART objectives, that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. If your SEO campaign doesn’t have these kinds of objectives baked in, then perhaps now is the time to review them.

What an SEO Campaign Review is not

An SEO Campaign Review is NOT an SEO Audit, it won’t look at:

Site Structure, On Page SEO, Page Speed, Off site SEO, Indexing Problems, Keyword Targeting and Content, Internal Linking, Compliance or any of those kinds of specifics, but it will look at the strategy of the campaign efforts that may influence them.

What does a review of an SEO Campaign entail?

The aim of the service is to give you a non biased over-arching view, on what it is you are doing with your site’s SEO; evaluating the likely effectiveness of your campaigns strategy .

For a fixed fee, we’ll give an opinion as to the likely impact of your current efforts and provide insights and suggested improvements where identified.

You’ll need to provide us with a copy of your SEO Campaign strategy, as we’ll use this to give you a relevant response. Reports are individually researched by a dedicated Senior SEO professional and are strictly confidential.

Reports often take around 2 days to compile. You’ll receive an expected delivery date once we have the required information.