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Get the SEO Support that you need with 5  hours per month of access to a search specialist, which you can use for questions you may have around your SEO activities. No lengthy contract or unnecessary expense, just quality SEO support then you need it.

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SEO Support Services For Business

Employing people full time can be an expensive business, especially in the world of SEO.

Many businesses don’t need to have a full time Senior SEO  on staff. Many can make do, with more junior practitioners, but it’s always a good idea to have more experienced resource to hand when required.

This product gives you 5 hours per month of access to a senior SEO specialist, which you can use to assist you with your SEO related activities.

It’s a Senior SEO resource for you to use as you see fit, when you need it, available each month, without the hefty salary requirements.

How does it work?

Online properties are often subject to all sorts of laws of unintended consequences.

Algorithm updates, coding mistakes, guideline changes which can impact a business and affect traffic.

It’s important that you regulary review performance around the metrics that are important to your business, and where these are failing, that you take corrective action, sooner rather than later.

You might need someone to review your Google Search Console each month and make you aware of any stand outs that are worthy of further investigation

You might wish to discuss a site migration or rebuild.

You might want to know how you can utilise the latest SERP Google innovation

You might have had a sudden drop off in traffic, so need to know how to fix it, or if it’s possible even

You might need a specialized report prepared to bolster an idea that you believe will improve sales

You might want to simply sense check ideas and theories

Once you’ve signed up, you can ask questions by email or phone or zoom meetings.

You can then book specific time for the week ahead, and  get the answers you need, usually within 48 working hours of submitting the request.

Typically, over the month cycle, you get to use one hour each week, but you can allocate two hour blocks too, provided sufficient notice is given to us.


Q: Can we roll the hours over each month if we don’t use them?

A: No. If we allowed this to happen, then we’d end up with road blocks and staffing issues. If you can’t find a reason to use the resource each month, then you probably don’t need it.

Q: How long is the contract period?

A: You agree to sign up for 2 months, and can cancel with one months notice.

Q: Can I purchase more than 5 hours of service per month?

A: Sure, but you can only purchase a maximum of 3 of these types of service, limiting you to 15 hours per month per client.