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SEO Audit – Is Your Site Up To The Task?

The search engine results pages are often a complex beast.

Google for example, uses a variety of different methods to output its search engine results pages (SERPS) will often show rich snippets by the way of images, highlighted text, or video, and these will be query dependent too.

So, In order for your website to perform in search, you need to ensure that it hits a variety of characteristics and contains the right kind of code to appeal to what it is that search engines want, our SEO Audit will help you understand what is, and what isn’t working with your site’s SEO

Does the website pass sniff tests?

It is important that your website is being crawled and indexed by the engines that have the potential to bring new business to the organisation. We need to know how often search bots visit, and determine if the site’s performance is meeting the expectations of all users.

Does your site fit the needs and requirements of search engines and users?

Is the content on your website in line with search engine guidelines?

Search engines want quality content in their indices, they want to give users what they want. You need to ensure that your website output is the kind of content that Google and other search engines finds useful for its users.

Is your website targetting the right kinds of keywords and phrases that people are using to find products and services?

It’s pointless creating content for content’s sake. You want to ensure that it is relevant and delivers to the query, giving the user exactly what they need.

Are the templates that show your content configured in a way that will help search engines understand what the site content is about?

Many pages on the web simply lack on-page fundamentals. In addition, search engines are constanrtly looking for new ways of returning results, it’s important therefore, that your site ticks all of the required boxes.

Is it a fast responsive website?

Do site users get to see the content quickly, and does it render well across all devices? If your content renders poorly, or is slow to load, then you’ll likely lose the opportunity to convert to a sale.

If the answer to any of the above is no, or you’re unsure, then maybe you need an SEO audit to help you.

What does an SEO audit entail?

An SEO audit will look to ensure that your website is fit for purpose in terms of its ability to be returned in search results for the queries important to your organisation.

In an SEO Audit we will look at the following issues:

Site Structure and On Page SEO – Is the site structured in a way that
optimises your site’s ability to meet your business aims and objectives

Page Speed – Are your pages meeting the standards expected?

Indexing Problems – What factors are hindering your ability to be returned within search results

Keyword Targeting and Content – Are you targetting the correct keywords and phrases?

Internal Linking – Are you making the most of internal linking opportunities?

Compliance – Does your website fit with what search engines want?

Link Graph – Who’s linking to your website, are these links helping or hindering

We will provide examples of what is and what isn’t working, with suggestions for remedying areas that need attention.

How long will an SEO Audit take?

No one website is the same as another. It’s for this reason that it’s difficult to put an accurate timescale on the time it’s likely to take.

Not every website is an amazon or a facebook. Some site’s are relatively small in size and so can be quickly evaluated.

At a minimum, you are looking at one full day for a very small website, and potentially weeks for a larger website.

Please fill in the form, briefly detailing what the general issues are, and I’ll get in touch with a quote.

Is an SEO Audit for everyone?

The SEO Audit’s that we provide are quite detailed, and use specialised tools to analyse your site. Our analysis applies years of experience to evaluate what is found, giving you actionable insights to help improve performance.

It may well be that you require an SEO Consultation inititally in which case we can discuss your current situation face to face over a zoom call and determine what is best for you going forward, alternatively, maybe you need a report with an opinion on your current SEO Campaign instead. These reports will give a specific opinion on your existing strategy.