Hello – I’m Rob an SEO Consultant based in Kent

So you need help with your site’s SEO? Great, I’d love to help! Maybe you need an SEO Audit of work, or activity that’s been done for you by a supplier?

Maybe you’ve been rethinking your strategy, and want to sense check what you’ve done, or plan to do going forward?

Whatever it is you need, I’m happy to help you overcome whatever hurdle it is and solve whatever issue it is you are having.

How will a SEO Consultation help you?

It’s critically important that your website is set up to deliver what you need.

I’ll tell you if your content is up to the task, and offer you solutions where it isn’t.

You might need to discuss strategy, or competition in your space, or you might need to understand why your website isn’t performing, due to a sudden drop in traffic or rankings.

I will talk with you about these aspects, and help you understand (or confirm your own thinking) around what Google search console, or your analytics package is telling you.

I can advise you on tactics that will help elevate your position in the spaces where you are currently underperforming, and give you a realistic appraisal of what it is you are seeking to achieve, and help you to get there.

I’ll be honest, and will tell you the cold hard truth as to whether your expectations are unrealistic and offer up realistic alternatives.

Ok Great, Where next?

Let’s discuss your issues over a call.

Book an appointment below, and be sure to supply the background to what you’d like to talk about as I’ll be using this to research your scenario.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Appointments are generally held over zoom, but onsite visits can be arranged subject to location.