Search engines are increasingly used across the globe to find information, products and services that are important to the lives of people.

Not all businesses are local. Some cater to a national or international audience, so need to ensure that they are being seen in the locations and geographies important to their business.

A well formed website, with the correct code and signals should be able to target such geographies in a relatively seamless way

We can work with you to look at your market and help ensure that your business or service is being seen where it needs to be.

We don’t do free SEO Consultations, (too many tyre kickers, soz ) but we can talk with you about your SEO needs, and explore what it is you want specifically, over a 30 minute zoom chat and if we feel that we can’t help, we’ll even refund the fee.

Rob is an SEO Consultant based in Kent, England; read testimonials from people who’ve worked with him.