Who are your competitors and what is it that they do better than you?

In this service, we’ll look at your online competitors for 2 keywords of your choice.

We will tell you why it is they’re winning, what it is they do in order to do so, and offer a realistic appraisal of whether you can compete on a similar footing.

We’ll detail the easy wins and supply code examples and suggested placements within your templates.

We’ll examine their link profile and give you an easy to understand breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses, and give you insights as to the importance of their strategy.

The work involved to create this report takes around a week to investigate and write up, so there is a minimum turnaround time of two three weeks.

A report like this will enable you to determine how you can compete on a more equal footing, and assess whether you have the resource and budget to do so.

Rob is an SEO Consultant based in Kent, England; read testimonials from people who’ve worked with him.